Monday, December 22, 2008

rum cake time

nope no recipe here sorry family secret!
Several years ago David decided he wanted to re-create his mother's rum cake which I suppose she made when they were younger it's not one of those things that had become her dish to make or bring in fact in the 13 years I have been around she has never made one. Anyhoo he got the recipe and re-create he did but come on seriously how can you screw up something with that much rum. Although I believe the addition of more rum is David's doing. The rum cakes have become semi-famous in our own heads anyway and they are made for work functions and friends around the holidays. The garbage men also get one too so be careful on Thursday if you see a garbage truck driving erratically. At this point the cakes have become a joint effort with me doing the baking and David doing the rumming after it has cooled. It is a good system and it works well, I occasionally get to do the rumming like this morning because I am up so frickin' early and will leave for work probably before David gets out of bed.

The cakes are smelling pretty yummy this morning even if I do say so myself

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