Sunday, January 27, 2008

yet another blog

so evidently I am addicted to blogs this one will be about recipes and cooking. I really wanted to call it not-martha but that's already taken why am I not surprised?
I can not claim all the recipes to be my own but I will give credit where credit is due I like to try new recipes and have gotten to the point in my cooking where I can make them my own. Before I was married I lived on coffee and cigarettes but once we said the I dos I was convinced I needed to serve dinner every night and with the addition of a boy who can eat well I do a lot of cooking. My cooking has improved greatly since I first got married I was a by the book recipe cooker. Not a grain of salt that was not listed in the recipe got into my food. My husband who is a fantastic cook-when I can get him to cook-pushed me to be a bit more daring and actually taste my food before serving it.
I am not a food snob by any stretch of the imagination I am not above serving fish sticks & fries for dinner and yes I actually like Hamburger Helper.
Always looking for new recipes to try so please feel free to share!


BobnMissy said...

And aren't you sneaky? You didn't announce your new arrival, now did you?  Like it!

nobody said...

I was wondering who would discover it first I should have had a prize or something :)