Sunday, January 4, 2009

now that is a spicy meatball

normally as far as appetizer meat type things I usually prefer mini-hotdogs but for some reason this New Year's Eve is was drawn to the meatballs. I'd love to say I made them from scratch like my mother but after working all day and trying to make a quick run to the grocery before fetching the kid & going home to clean & prepare for the evening's festivities I bought the frozen meatballs. I am a convenience cook so shoot me....
Using the standard grape jelly & bbq sauce mixture I was looking for something interesting in the bbq sauce department. And interesting I found! The most excellent habanero bbq sauce from Sticky Fingers! I can also recommend the restaurant having eaten at one in Chattanooga many many moons ago. It gave the meatballs a nice spicy bite and had me back at the grocery store the next day picking up a couple of bottles of bbq sauce. I look forward to using it in my jerk chicken later this week.

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