Friday, February 29, 2008

turkey reuben

this has become my favorite I am not cooking dinner tonight dinner

1 sandwich-adjust accordingly-
2 slices rye bread(although if you run out the sourdough bread I had on hand was a good substitute)
thousand island dressing(to taste)
mustard(to taste)
sliced turkey
swiss cheese

if you have a griddle pan drag it out put it on the stove and start to heat
-butter one side each of both slices of bread
-place 1 slice buttered bread on heating pan butter side down, squirt some mustard on bread
-stack some turkey then sauerkraut
-put some thousand island dressing on top of this
-then add swiss cheese
-top with 2nd slice of bread buttered side out
-when one side is brown flip and brown the second side

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